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A lot of people go to Lake Tahoe all the time to enjoy the beauty of it. Others may want to live in or around the area and need to know what there is to do and see there. Whatever category you fall into, you can learn more about this awesome area of the USA here on Tahoe Lyfe!

Where Is Lake Tahoe?

This freshwater lake is located in the USA. It is near the border of Nevada and California, just to the west of the Carson City area. Research shows that the lake was first formed a long time ago, roughly 2 million years in the past. People from all around the world visit the ski resorts there and do other activities with a lot of the visitors coming from either Nevada or California.

The Area Like During Different Seasons?

The summer is when Lake Tahoe has the most people visiting. This is notable because it’s even more popular at this time than when ski season is going on in the winter. Usually, most attractions are open during the summer and when the weather is nice it’s a lot easier to relax around the lake and have an awesome time.

During the fall you may notice there aren’t as many people since it’s time for kids to be back in school until the middle of November. And during that time there are quite a few people in the area because it’s ski season time in the winter. Skiing and snowboarding bring a lot of people in the area at this time and can last until spring.

The springtime is when a lot of resorts start to close and it’s going to be that way until May is over. Even until the middle of summer, snow can stick around. You’re going to have to make very sure that if you’re booking any kind of outing in this area that you call ahead and see if they are open and if they have a reservation you can make if that’s necessary.

Traveling Into The Area

When some newbies come to visit the area, they are not sure of how to beat the traffic and end up wasting a lot of time. Here at Tahoe Lyfe, we know that you want to make sure your trip goes as smoothly as possible. We recommend that you look at traffic conditions and make sure that you travel a little before or after a large batch of travelers will be going to the area, too. Even if you’re on vacation like everyone else at the time, you don’t have to show up in the afternoon when everyone will be driving around.

Be organized and know where you’re going to go without using GPS. When there are a lot of other people driving around you can get flustered and miss your turn or sometimes the GPS systems just aren’t accurate and cause confusion. It’s not a super large area, but it is a little confusing for newbies. The good news is that Google Maps are very accurate and easy to access. Just make sure you print out a map and directions to have a much easier time. Study the route and give the map to a passenger that can let you know when turns are approaching.

Alcohol Warnings

The police in the area are not going to give you a break if you are caught driving drunk. Not only is that dangerous, but when you are at a higher elevation you can get drunker faster than you’re used to. Try to get a cab or someone else to drive if you have to go anywhere. If you can’t figure out a ride before you drink alcohol, then you shouldn’t drink at all because that’s a way to make it easy to talk yourself into driving when you shouldn’t.



There’s no way to get into a lot of places without a reservation in this area. Otherwise, it would be a crazy free for all during the high traffic seasons and nobody would be happy. Some restaurants may even let you make a reservation that day if it’s possible, but in general, you should try planning everything a few weeks in advance at the very least.

When you are setting up your stay online and making reservations, you should always call to confirm that everything went through. You do not want to end up at a place that you thought you were staying or eating at to be turned away because the website you used made a mistake. You should always look for reviews on booking services before using them or it could end poorly since there are a few bad reservation services that sometimes are a rip-off.

Sports During The Winter

If you want to take part in winter sports like skiing, this is the right place for you to go. There are a lot of people that visit each year to check out the downhill skiing slopes. Squaw Valley is a great option, as it’s the second largest area for skiing. The biggest place is the Heavenly Mountain resort. There are a lot more that you can check out, so be sure you are aware of where there is to go because you can take a trip out there and visit many different options or keep going back to see what they are like.


Activities On The Water

You can go to Lake Tahoe between late in the Spring to early in the fall if you want to take part in water sports or activities on the beach. You can parasail, ride a jet ski, and even use paddle boats. Look online for rental locations so you don’t have to bring your own gear if you just plan to try it once. Boats are allowed in some places with docks and you can also enjoy some SCUBA diving if you’d like. However, with diving, you have to be careful since it’s for advanced divers and requires training.

Other Fun Activities

Biking and hiking are two well-known ways to experience this area. You can go down the 165 mileĀ  Tahoe Rim Trail that goes around the lake. Or, you can check out the Granite Chief Wilderness where you can hike or camp. There are paved areas for bicycles that go off of the main road and let you check out the various communities no matter what side of the lake you are on. Bring what you need to survive if you decide to camp there and if you hike or ride bikes you need to be mindful of your safety as well.

Gambling is a big part of life in Lake Tahoe. It’s only legal when you’re on the side where the area’s in Nevada. You can play many slots and table games. Becoming a member at the casinos can be a good way to get more benefits if you decide you want to go to one place multiple times. Just be sure you are responsible when you game. Check out the hotels that are connected to the casinos if you want a place to stay that’s right near the action.

Now that you know more about Tahoe Lyfe and general information about this area of the world, you can see why it’s such a popular destination. We aim to provide our visitors with updated information on a regular basis, so be sure you come by again and see what’s new!



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