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Lake Tahoe Weddings

Plan Your Own Tahoe Lyfe Wedding For Memories Of A Lifetime

Getting married is a special event and you want to be sure that you are able to plan a wedding that will be memorable to you and the guests for a lifetime. In order to make that dream a reality, you need to have a special location chosen for the entire affair.

While you can fret over an elaborate wedding in your home location, why not make a splash with a destination wedding instead? By choosing to embrace Tahoe lyfe as you  solidify your union as a couple, you will be making a statement about the way that you want to live the future as a team. The event will be very special for you and your partner, as well as the guests who will appreciate such a lovely destination.

Once you know that you want to have your wedding in Tahoe, it is time to begin making your plans. The first step is to determine your budget. Fortunately for you, Lake Tahoe has choices at every price point in the wedding business. So, whether you are working on a shoestring budget or have an unlimited amount for the affair, you are sure to find vendors and venues that will meet your figures.

In addition to visiting Lake Tahoe for the wedding, you can also stay for your honeymoon. Alternatively, you may choose to get married at home and then fly to Tahoe to complete your union with a quiet honeymoon alone in the gorgeous coastal city. Should you choose to do both there, remember to schedule your honeymoon time away from wedding guests who might still be enjoying their time away from the daily grind and the break afforded by your wedding.

Not only do you have a range of options based on cost, you can also select venues based on the type of experience you wish to have while you are visiting Lake Tahoe. For example, you might want to spend some time being pampered and gambling. In that case, you could book a room at a resort, spa and casino for your fun.

The Hyatt Regency offers these services and comes with the quality you expect with the name. You can have the ceremony and reception on site as well as the rehearsal dinner. In fact, if you want, you never have to leave the resort once you have checked in! The catering department can cover all of the meals associated with your wedding complete to your specifications.

Of course, not everyone is interested in casinos and spas. Perhaps you would rather spend some time in a natural environment. If so, you might want to check with the North Tahoe Event Center about utilizing beach and waterfront locations. These are very affordable choices and will let you get married with the sandy shores tickling your feet if that is what you want.

When you contact them, you can ask about the banquet hall and events facility to see which you might be able to utilize for the rehearsal dinner, reception or other aspects of the planning. Also, you will need an alternative if rain strikes your beach wedding ceremony. If you have a venue already arranged nearby and a small party, you might be able to quickly move it to a drier location.

In addition to the daytime choices, the event center also has some late night options and a ski resort. With all of the choices going on with Tahoe lyfe, you are sure to find exactly what you need to make your wedding a success!

Perhaps you have always dreamed of getting married on the open waters. While not exactly the Pacific Ocean, Lake Tahoe is very sizable and has some fantastic cruises. In addition to enjoying a yacht trip for entertainment, you can choose a boat rental for your wedding. Imagine how romantic it would be to set off on the water with your beloved and all of your family and friends to declare your love together “at sea.”

No matter what your romantic dream, you can make it happen in Lake Tahoe! When you are planning your event, you will need to make a checklist to be sure that you find the best businesses to meet all of your wedding related needs. While there are some things you are likely to remember, such as your dress and lodging, you never know what might slip your mind.

The key to a successful wedding is good organization. You should have all of the data regarding the wedding kept in a hard copy file and a digital one. Update them both so that you are always able to keep up with what is going on.

Here are some of the categories you want to be sure you cover:

Venues for Wedding and Reception

You can either have these events in the same general location or have them separated, depending on what is available and what you want. For instance, you might want to get married on the beach and then take a cruise for the reception. On the other hand, you might want to get married during the cruise, start the reception there and then carry it to the beach once the boat has returned.

There are multiple options you can choose from so that you and your partner are happy. Keep in mind the travel issues for wedding guests who are visiting from other locations.

Don’t Forget the Food!

You are going to need two different food catering professionals to help you in this category. First, you will need a Lake Tahoe wedding cake designer who makes styles that you like. Secondly, you will need a catering company to bring the food to the reception venue and serve it. If you are planning to have a rehearsal dinner, you will need to make those arrangements as well.

Florists and Seamstress

You and the other members of the wedding party will need fresh flowers for the event. Find a florist with a good reputation to handle your order. As for the seamstress, even if all of the gowns have been tried on and are in good repair, you never know what might happen. Knowing who you will contact in the event you need last minute help is a good idea.

Transportation Services

If you are going to need to rent limos or another form of transportation, make sure you get that taken care of quickly. Remember that Tahoe is a popular destination and you want to be able to access the very best you can afford when planning your wedding.

In fact, there are many services that you will need in addition to the ones listed above. The best way to make sure that you have a complete list is to hire a wedding planner or coordinator in the Lake Tahoe area. This person will be familiar with Tahoe lyfe and the best vendors and venues for your wedding needs.

You can find several different people online that work in this field. Compare the type of wedding you envision with their advertising. Talk to those who seem to understand your vision for a romantic wedding. Then, you can choose the one you have the best fit with.

Getting married is one of the most important things that you will ever do in your life. Make sure that you have the wedding of your dreams. A destination wedding in Lake Tahoe is a perfect way to start your lyfe as a couple!

Lake Tahoe Real Estate

Looking At The Dream Of Lake Tahoe Real Estate


Tahoe Lyfe wouldn’t be a full resource on the awesome area and culture around Lake Tahoe if we didn’t also talk about the local real estate. As you can imagine, there are a variety of different options, and no lack of stunning views of the lake as well as the surrounding mountains and forests. The prices can vary immensely based on which of the surrounding communities you look at that are around the lake, and whether you’re on the California or Nevada side of the water.

High End Properties

There’s no question that some of the high end properties at Lake Tahoe can compete with about anywhere in the nation. Many of these homes are beautiful mansions that have lake views, beautiful acreage, and an outdoor or log mansion aesthetic that both shows off the beauty of hardwood construction while managing to flow into the natural beauty around it.

On the California side there are often multiple properties that are on sale for $1, $3, $5, or even $15 million. These mansions obviously are in the best settings with some of the most amazing views all around Lake Tahoe – and as any resident or visitor can tell you, that is truly saying something!

Luxury homes are often located with a stunning lake view, but some are also going to be in gated communities or closer to the most popular ski slopes during the winter months. There are a wide variety of options for those individuals who are used to the absolute best in luxury and want to enjoy living in the best around Lake Tahoe whether all year round or just as a holiday home.

If you love the idea of a lakeside view but aren’t quite as keen at the price tag for a large home or mansion, it might be worth looking at condominium properties as well as split unit properties. While these are highly sought after they can still offer another option for luxury living in a very nice residential area right on the lake without having to shell out multiple millions of dollars.

Inexpensive Lake Tahoe Real Estate Options

While the main focus will often be on luxury houses (because who doesn’t like a real life version of “Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous?”), there are actually hundreds of options for very inexpensive homes and residences in one of the many communities that surround the Lake Tahoe area.

There are a few caveats with this. Generally speaking, these are not going to be right on the lake. Obviously that is prime real estate, and any area that is right on a tourist spot or is set by some of the most beautiful countryside around the lake will be higher end. However in many of the surrounding communities like Stateline NV or South Lake Tahoe often have multiple listings for one or two bedroom houses that are nice and in decent communities for right around $100k to own, which is certainly far less than spending millions to be on the water.

That being said, you’re never far away when you’re in these bordering communities that are considered a part of the greater Lake Tahoe area.

Area Versus Specific Property

One of the major considerations you’ll want to make is just what you’re really looking for in local real estate. Are you looking for a mansion or vacation home and have the budget to live in elegance because money is no object? Do you like the idea of a second home but need a much more reasonable budget?

There are options. Figure out what you want most out of your property. Is it most important to live in opulence? To be near the best ski slopes when the cold winter months set in? Do you just want to be near the water and don’t mind driving a few minutes each day to get there because it’s the area that really attracts you most?

These are really important questions to answer because they can guide you towards the best properties that fit your needs. Why look at a community that specializes in multi-million dollar homes when your budget is $500,000 or less?

There are many different Lake Tahoe real estate options available, in fact far too many to reasonably sort through unless you can narrow down what it is about this amazing area that attracts you. There are far more options than most people would believe and understanding this helps you focus in on what properties really are the best match to suit your needs.

Nevada & California Properties

There tend to be a higher concentration of luxury homes on the California side of Lake Tahoe, although that is a generality. Just as there are inexpensive homes that can be found in certain bordering communities (often a few miles from the lake itself) there are luxury homes on the Nevada side, as well. The key is to understand that both sides of the lake have plenty to offer but there might be very different vibes and aesthetic focuses depending on what side of the lake you are on and what community you are looking to be a part of.

Enjoy The Beauty Of North Lake Tahoe

North Lake Tahoe is an area that is known for being incredibly scenic even by local standards, and if you are looking to immerse yourself in nature and enjoy even luxury homes that are surrounded with acreage in this beautiful area then you will want to look at North Tahoe.

Just a few of these communities include:

– Carnelian Bay
– Dollar Point
– Homewood
– Tahoe Park
– Kings Beach

Match Communities To Your Needs

There are certain communities around the Lake Tahoe area that focus on recreation like golf, skiing, or boating. If one of these really hits home then that means certain communities are going to be better at catering to your favorite past times than others. Going into your real estate search knowing this is going to help you more quickly and efficiently get through the early large list of listings and get down to the ones that really matter.

Even some basic cursory research will help you make those matches and also eliminate the ones that are too far away or just don’t meet what you’re hoping for. Lake Tahoe offers so much, there really is no reason to settle.

Finding A Quality Agent

One of the great things about Lake Tahoe is that there are many real estate agents who have the connections to really help you find that perfect residential property. There are some who are general agents, but there are also many specialty agents who only focus on certain properties like multi-million dollar mansions, split condominiums, lakeside properties, etc.

This means that no matter what you are looking for there are going to be professionals who focus solely on matching people like you who want to be a part of the Lake Tahoe area with the perfect property to help those dreams come true.

Are You Ready To Enjoy The Lake Tahoe Life Style?

Why go another day just wondering whether or not you’re ready for this little slice of heaven? Whether it’s boating, fishing, skiing, golfing, or just enjoying the myriad of hiking trails and forests in one of the most beautiful spots in America, there’s a lot to love about Lake Tahoe.

No dream gets fulfilled without taking a first step, and finding the perfect piece of real estate around the big lake is another one of those dreams that starts with that initial search.

Where to Stay at Lake Tahoe

How To Find And Enjoy Lake Tahoe Accommodations

Booking Lake Tahoe accommodations before you head out to the area is a must. Not only that, but you also should learn where good places to stay are. Since owners of businesses can change, what may be good now may not be the best later, so we here at Tahoe Lyfe will also teach you how to research companies.

Planning Your Vacation

Reservations are a must, especially during seasons when people are known to be traveling to Lake Tahoe. For instance, a lot of people show up during the winter months to ski and even more people show up during the summer for other reasons such as school being out. You’re going to have to make reservations well before you head out there if you want a chance to stay where you want.

Lake Tahoe North Shore

Booking your stay online is always a great way to save money and time, but do not forget to check with the company you made reservations with before heading out there. Call any hotels or anywhere else you booked with a day or two after making a reservation just to make sure that it went through. While there are a lot of places to stay and you can probably find a backup if it comes down to it, being able to have a choice is always a good thing when spending all of that money on a vacation!

Don’t just plan out where you’re going to stay. Even if you want to just organically experience Lake Tahoe, you may find that without a plan you’ll just be stuck not knowing where there is to go without a reservation. Being sure what is going to be busy enough for you to have to reserve a spot at can keep you from running around without anywhere to go. You can still go camping, visit the beach, or go out and ride a bike if you want but making reservations at restaurants or resorts should be what you do as well.

Want To Check Out Casinos?

On the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe, you can gamble if you wish. It’s a great way to get away and spend time having fun. Of course, there are some places you may find are more enjoyable than others. That’s why we recommend that you go to a few before you settle on where you hang out the most. Otherwise, you may not get the best experience, and that’s never a good thing if you are trying to have the best time in the area possible.

Harrah’s, Hard Rock Casino and Hotel, Lakeside Inn and Casino, and MontBleu Resort Casino & Spa are all well-known options in the area. As you can tell from the names, most of these casinos also have an attachment that gives you a place to stay if that’s your style. You can find a room and make sure you’re close to the gaming you want to partake in, and if you’re a frequent visitor you can probably drum up some discounts on rooms regularly. It’s really up to the individual casinos so make sure when you visit them you ask about memberships and what they bring with them.

How Nice Is A Vacation Rental?

You can generally rent whole houses, but you need to be sure you figure out what other guests have said about how nice it is. Some people that rent out these homes do a lot of work to keep them nice, and others don’t have the time to or they hire someone to help that doesn’t do a good job. That’s why you need to always figure out what people have said in recent days online or anywhere else about that particular property or the owner of it.

There will be times where you show up to a place and really don’t like it. Don’t feel pressured into staying there, because people will work with you to either send you to another place they own or may give your money back if you already paid. Either way, in this day and age you have a lot more leverage because company owners know that you can easily leave a bad review if the home was a mess or in bad shape and they didn’t work with you.

Sometimes there are many fees that are associated with rentals that you need to be aware of. For instance, you may have to just pay a booking fee and taxes online, but later you find out that you also are responsible for a cleaning fee. It’s usually best to only work with those that have their fees online and up to date. Remember that people don’t always remember to update their online listings, so calling ahead is recommended.

What Amenities Do You Need?

Where can you stay that will treat you the best in terms of amenities? Will you be able to get room service if you don’t feel like going out? Do they have a pool or hot tub available to guests? What about spas if that’s more your style? Before booking anywhere, ask about what comes with the room because if you’re paying to stay in the area it’s going to cost you quite a bit anyway and you may as well have something nice in store for you and your family!

About Guests

Make sure you know if you’re going to have extra people and that you let the company you’re staying with know that you have a few extra people coming. Sometimes rooms have a certain amount of people that can stay in them legally for safety reasons, and so if you are trying to bring too many people they may make you get more rooms. The good news is that there are places that can accommodate a lot of people for a good price so just call around until you find something or at least find a few rooms close to one another.

Guests need to be on good behavior in a hotel room or anywhere near other people. Anywhere you stay will have fees that they can charge you if you break anything or you may get kicked out if you are too loud. Keep the partying to places that allow for it and make sure you always have a way to get back to where you’re staying. The cops in this area do not play around when it comes to driving drunk so don’t expect to get away with it!

Activities To Try!

Why stay in Lake Tahoe if you’re not going to have some fun? When staying at a hotel or rental of some kind, you need places to go because it can get boring just sitting around. One activity that you may want to try is skiing. If it’s not that time of the year but you still are in the mood for some kind of sport, then jet skis are also a fun thing to try out. Any time of the year in the area brings with it a lot of different ways to spend your time.

If you want to enjoy Lake Tahoe accommodations, it’s always best to know exactly what you’ll be staying before you head out that way. There are condos, homes, cabins, and all kinds of other places to stay. It’s safe to say that no matter where you’d enjoy being from at the casinos to being more in nature, you’ll be able to use what you learned here to find the perfect place!

Lake Tahoe Dining

Lake Tahoe Dining Options


Enjoying Lake Tahoe Dining

If you want to be sure that you are able to get a delicious bite to eat when you are spending time in Lake Tahoe, there are a variety of steps that you can take. This is a wonderful area that you will be able to take advantage of, and there is no shortage of high quality dining spots in the area. Because of this, you can look into a few of these high quality restaurant offerings, in order to fill your trip with some of the best cuisine that you will be able to get your hands on.

#1: Scusa Italian

This is a traditional Italian restaurant which can provide you with any kind of delicious cuisine that you can imagine. They serve some of the most delicious staples available, including things like linguine and clams, salmon scaloppine, chicken and ravioli, eggplant parmesan and classic lasagne. You will also be able to take advantage of excellent stater meals, salads, breads and desserts which will allow you to eat a well balanced and delicious meal.

#2: Sprouts Cafe

When you want to be sure that you are able to eat food that is fresh and organic, Sprouts Cafe is a great way to go about it. Some menu options include cold sandwiches with tortilla chips, egg salads, avocado and cream cheese, turkey wraps, bagels, soups and salads, rice bowls, spinach bowls and burritos. You can rest assured that these delicious dishes are made with fresh, organic food that does not contain hormones, high fructose corn syrup, processed food or antibiotics. This way, you know that you are getting a healthy meal that tastes great.

#3: Jimmy’s at the Landing

When you want a nice restaurant with a mom and pop vibe to it, this is the place that you want to be. It gives you a nice and cozy setting inside of a bar area that comes complete with a lounge, patio and even a warm fireplace. You can order your food online for takeout and can book reservations with Open Table. This restaurant is right where all of the action is by the water and will provide you with excellent scenery and a great place to relax and unwind.

#4: The Red Hut

This is your classic diner that gives you a wonderful meal without the plastic, assembly line, chain restaurant vibe. You will be greeted with friendly service from people who are here to serve you and make sure that you are getting the most out of each and every meal. One of the best parts about this restaurant is that it is open virtually all day. It is set up near the water front, so you will be able to grab a seat at virtually any time of day in order to eat anything from breakfast foods to sandwiches and American favorites.

#5: Beacon Bar & Grill

If you are looking for a fun place to grab a drink and some grub, this is one of the best around. It has gotten excellent reviews from people who have patronized their business and provides you with any sort of cuisine, beverage and entertainment that you are looking for. They have live music each and every week and can also provide you with anything you want, from appetizers to main courses. It will provide you with excellent views by the lake and can quickly become one of your go-to spots any time that you are looking to vacation in the Lake Tahoe area. They are also open year-round and not just when tourism is high.

#6: Freshies

This is another quality restaurant that serves the absolute best in organic, healthy fare. You will find that this restaurant has everything that you can ask for in this regard, whether you are going for something vegetarian or vegan. It also has a pleasant and inviting vibe, as this is a Hawaiian themed restaurant. You will be able to put down delicious, healthy food, in addition to enjoying a nice, fresh fruit filled smoothie or other drink. The prices are great and the food is always fresh and organic.

#7: Cafe Fiore

This is one of the most popular and respected restaurants in all of Lake Tahoe. People who have visited this Italian restaurant have given it rave reviews due to its service, taste and specialties. Whether you are looking for a full meal or just want to visit somewhere with plenty of wine selections, this is the place you need to be. The decor is sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing, as it features chic wood paneling and artistic lighting fixtures. You will be able to browse between some of the most delicious Italian food staples around, which are all made exquisitely and with care.

#8: Jalisco Grill

This is a Mexican restaurant that is found in an up-and-coming shopping center. It features your Mexican favorites, including enchiladas, quesadillas, tacos and burritos. It has a laid-back vibe which will allow you to come as you are and get your fill of some of the best food around, while also knocking back a few beers or margaritas with your friends and family. The festive atmosphere is warm and inviting and will make you want to kick back and relax for a while before you move on to the next phase of your Lake Tahoe vacation.

#9: Brook’s Bar & Deck

If you are looking for a wonderful place to eat, drink and relax, this is it. This is a festive and energetic bar and grill that has any drink you can imagine. So whether you are a connoisseur of mixed cocktails or would rather knock back a few brews, you will be able to do just that when you stop by this grill. In addition to excellent cuisine and beverage, they have live music and performances each and every week. This gives you the best opportunity to get your fill of excitement and thrills, while also dining and enjoying some of the best bar food around.

#10: Nepheles

When you are an out of towner wanting to enjoy some high quality California food, this is just the place that you need to turn to. Located on Ski Run Blvd, this restaurant is one of the best around in that regard. It stays open until 2 a.m., giving you the opportunity to enjoy some food and beverage at any time of night or day. This is an intimate restaurant with a cottage type setting, allowing you the opportunity to stop by for a meal or to host an event or gathering. To top it off, you will also be able to make the most of your rest and relaxation when you stop by this wonderful restaurant, because it also has private hot tubs that you can take advantage of. People who have stopped by this restaurant have given it glowing reviews for the service, food and plethora of options.

These ten options will point you in the right direction of some wonderful dining that will stimulate your taste buds, give you energy and allow you to enjoy all that comes with the territory. These options will be great for you whenever you are looking to enjoy your meals and provide yourself the opportunity to have a great time whenever you are on a vacation in Lake Tahoe. Use these tips to the best of your ability so that you are able to get the most out of your meals in the area.

Lake Tahoe Adventure – 25 Amazing Things You Can Do This Summer

Summer is here and it is time to get out and play! Take an adventure you will never forget at Lake Tahoe. You can always take advantage of what its beach and mountain environments have to offer. Get up and stay active with water sports such as boating, parasailing, jet skiing, SUPing, rafting and more. If you prefer sports that keep you dry, try running, hiking, biking, and more. Enjoy the beautiful panorama and picturesque view of the Lake Tahoe, you can try hang gliding, bungee jumping, or take an excursion at the Incline Village where you can experience the breath-taking view of the area.


There are a lot of summer activities you can try this summer at Lake Tahoe. You can soak up in the sunshine or simply watch the majestic moon lighten up the lake at night. Day or night, Lake Tahoe is sure to keep you entertained at all times. Well, not all Lake Tahoe summer activity is related to the amazing lake. In fact, you can do more like explore the arts and the ingenious crafts of the local artists. Play a game of golf, or have a yoga session if you please.

There are a lot of things you can do at Lake Tahoe. The Lake comes alive in the summer months with its offering of various water sports and outdoor activities.

Here are the top 25 things you can do while at Lake Tahoe:

  1. Hike the majestic 2,650 mile Pacific Crest trail.
  2. Backpack camping in Desolation Wilderness.
  3. Parasail on the North Shore.
  4. Have a romantic evening picnic at the Nevada Beach.
  5. Hit the D.L. Bliss State Park and camp.
  6. Kayak to the Fannette Island, hike to the popular tea house, and cliff dive to the Emerald Bay.
  7. Play golf into the water and then go snorkeling to look for them at Edgewood.
  8. Skinny dip and have a tan on the nude beach at the Secret Cove.
  9. Take a hike from Emerald Bay to Lester Beach on the Rubicon Trail.
  10. Have a picnic at the Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival at Sand Harbor.
  11. Try paddleboarding from King’s Beach to Crystal Bay on the North Shore.
  12. Have a Jet Ski ride at Tahoe Sports.
  13. Hike up Mount Tallac and enjoy the sceneries of the Cascade Lake, Desolation Wilderness, South Lake Tahoe, and the Fallen Leaf Lake.
  14. Head boat camping at the Emerald Bay Boat-in Campground.
  15. Go tubing at the Truckee river towards downtown Reno.
  16. Mountain bike at the 165-mile Tahoe Rim Trail.
  17. Go hiking at Mount Rose and enjoy the view of Carson City, Reno, Washoe Valley, and the entirety of Lake Tahoe.
  18. Cliff dive into the cold, blue water in the Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park.
  19. Kayak from Sand Harbor towards Thunderbird Lodge.
  20. Enjoy the cold waters from Eagle Falls, Horsetail Falls, and Glen Alpine Falls.
  21. Ride a ferry and then go hiking to the Echo Lakes Trail into Desolation Wilderness.
  22. Head straight to Truckee for some souvenir shopping.
  23. Try hang gliding off the top of Slide Mountain via Thermal Sky Sports.
  24. Have some adrenaline rush in a hot air balloon overlooking the lake.
  25. On a beautiful day, jump off the Donner Lake public docks.



Lake Tahoe Travel – Vacation Destination Up Close


If you are looking for a perfect vacation destination, take a look at Lake Tahoe in Nevada. Lake Tahoe is the ideal whole year round vacation destination for all. It is an Alpine jewel settled in the tranquil Sierra Nevadas. Lake Tahoe is split down the middle by Nevada borders and California. This extremely exquisite display of natural beauty at Lake Tahoe travel boasts of almost 365 days of warm sunshine which is a must-visit.

Lake Tahoe Accommodations & Destinations


Regardless of your hobbies or interests, there are several choices for you to ensure you have a good time at Lake Tahoe. The place is a perfect vacation destination for couples, singles, families, or even solo travelers who are looking for tranquility, relaxation, fun, adventure, or nightlife. One can easily look for something to match their budgets and desires with several accommodation options ranging from full service 5-star luxury resorts, casinos, to economy or mid range hotels, inns, cabins, and more. The list of possibilities is just endless!

Lake Tahoe is home to many ski and snow boarding resorts, golf courses, and is the center of other various fun activities such as gaming, boating, skiing, hiking, kayaking, and more. They also have the Lake of the Sky which is the most in demand wedding and honeymoon destination for couples who want something unique for their nuptials. With all its grandeur and with so much to offer, Lake Tahoe is indeed a great getaway attraction for those in search for a fun-filled weekend or those who are in for a simple, quiet, and relaxing all-encompassing break from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

Lake Tahoe Geography & History

lake tahoe travel

Lake Tahoe is bordered by two states; it is strategically located in Northern California and Nevada with the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range in the middle. It is regarded as USA’s second deepest lake and is the third biggest alpine lake in the world. Lake Tahoe is conveniently situated approximately 3-4 hour drive from Mt. Shasta and San Francisco, and only half an hour drive from Reno, Nevada. Popular for its natural beauty and great landscapes, Tahoe also offers a rich history worth looking into.

Historically, many people are of the belief that the Lake Tahoe basin came about from a volcanic eruption. But, the valid theory is that Tahoe’s basin came about from faults in the crust of the Earth as a result of tectonic movements. The faults resulted from blocks of earth that move up and down. The blocks created the Carson Range to the East, and the Sierra Nevada Mountains on the West. The downward moving blocks made the Lake Tahoe Basin that is currently found nestled between two gigantic mountain ranges.

World-Class Resorts

As a result of the movements, a lot of world-class ski resorts came about in Tahoe that offer fun activities during the winter season. Out of the many world-class ski resorts; 7 of them are Lake Tahoe’s pride including the Sierra at Tahoe, Alpine Meadows, Kirkwood, and Heavenly Ski Resort, Mt. Rose, Northstar at Tahoe, and Squaw Valley USA. Heavenly offers a vast skiing haven with over 4,800 acres of skiing terrain that spans all over two states – Nevada and California.

Lake Tahoe Golf

Golf is a big thing in Tahoe, especially in the summer months and during early fall season. Especially notable as the leading American golf course and is known to host major golfing events is the Edgewood Tahoe. It is a top notch facility that is situated in the southern shores of the state line of Nevada. Many celebrities and well known personalities, have golfed around Edgewood golf course.

Hiking & Adventure

lake tahoe skiing

Yet another popular activity in Lake Tahoe is hiking; since there are various trails around the lake which leads to the most scenic views one can never imagine possible. The nearest to the trails is the Emerald Bay Falls, it offers a very easy trail for both newbie and advanced hikers that lead to a breath taking view of the falls and the tricolored bay. On the east one will find the Spooner Lake. It has hiking trails that lead to the most panoramic views of the Sierras on the eastern side. Lastly, you have the Eagle Rock which is a dormant volcano situated on the west shore, and a few hike to the pinnacle leads to a stunning view of the pristine blue waters of Lake Tahoe.

The lake offers tons of adventure for both the young and the young at heart; you have parasailing, boating, wakeboarding, standup paddle boarding, and water skiing to name a few. There are many resorts and beaches nearby that offer fun and enjoyment for everyone.

When you travel around Lake Tahoe you will find a lot of small towns nearby where there are craft fairs which offers summer and springtime fun activities. You will find gift items, jewelry, modern artwork, and other assortments that will keep you interested. Casinos are also found on the southern and northern parts of Tahoe if you want some real ‘action.’ They all have 24-hour entertainment from table games, slot machines, nightclubs, and more promising a nightlife that’s jam packed with thrill and excitement.

This does not cover an all-inclusive list of the whole year round fun in Lake Tahoe, but is just a small glimpse of what to expect when you visit the place. Come, visit, and enjoy Lake Tahoe today!