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Where to Stay at Lake Tahoe

How To Find And Enjoy Lake Tahoe Accommodations

Booking Lake Tahoe accommodations before you head out to the area is a must. Not only that, but you also should learn where good places to stay are. Since owners of businesses can change, what may be good now may not be the best later, so we here at Tahoe Lyfe will also teach you how to research companies.

Planning Your Vacation

Reservations are a must, especially during seasons when people are known to be traveling to Lake Tahoe. For instance, a lot of people show up during the winter months to ski and even more people show up during the summer for other reasons such as school being out. You’re going to have to make reservations well before you head out there if you want a chance to stay where you want.

Lake Tahoe North Shore

Booking your stay online is always a great way to save money and time, but do not forget to check with the company you made reservations with before heading out there. Call any hotels or anywhere else you booked with a day or two after making a reservation just to make sure that it went through. While there are a lot of places to stay and you can probably find a backup if it comes down to it, being able to have a choice is always a good thing when spending all of that money on a vacation!

Don’t just plan out where you’re going to stay. Even if you want to just organically experience Lake Tahoe, you may find that without a plan you’ll just be stuck not knowing where there is to go without a reservation. Being sure what is going to be busy enough for you to have to reserve a spot at can keep you from running around without anywhere to go. You can still go camping, visit the beach, or go out and ride a bike if you want but making reservations at restaurants or resorts should be what you do as well.

Want To Check Out Casinos?

On the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe, you can gamble if you wish. It’s a great way to get away and spend time having fun. Of course, there are some places you may find are more enjoyable than others. That’s why we recommend that you go to a few before you settle on where you hang out the most. Otherwise, you may not get the best experience, and that’s never a good thing if you are trying to have the best time in the area possible.

Harrah’s, Hard Rock Casino and Hotel, Lakeside Inn and Casino, and MontBleu Resort Casino & Spa are all well-known options in the area. As you can tell from the names, most of these casinos also have an attachment that gives you a place to stay if that’s your style. You can find a room and make sure you’re close to the gaming you want to partake in, and if you’re a frequent visitor you can probably drum up some discounts on rooms regularly. It’s really up to the individual casinos so make sure when you visit them you ask about memberships and what they bring with them.

How Nice Is A Vacation Rental?

You can generally rent whole houses, but you need to be sure you figure out what other guests have said about how nice it is. Some people that rent out these homes do a lot of work to keep them nice, and others don’t have the time to or they hire someone to help that doesn’t do a good job. That’s why you need to always figure out what people have said in recent days online or anywhere else about that particular property or the owner of it.

There will be times where you show up to a place and really don’t like it. Don’t feel pressured into staying there, because people will work with you to either send you to another place they own or may give your money back if you already paid. Either way, in this day and age you have a lot more leverage because company owners know that you can easily leave a bad review if the home was a mess or in bad shape and they didn’t work with you.

Sometimes there are many fees that are associated with rentals that you need to be aware of. For instance, you may have to just pay a booking fee and taxes online, but later you find out that you also are responsible for a cleaning fee. It’s usually best to only work with those that have their fees online and up to date. Remember that people don’t always remember to update their online listings, so calling ahead is recommended.

What Amenities Do You Need?

Where can you stay that will treat you the best in terms of amenities? Will you be able to get room service if you don’t feel like going out? Do they have a pool or hot tub available to guests? What about spas if that’s more your style? Before booking anywhere, ask about what comes with the room because if you’re paying to stay in the area it’s going to cost you quite a bit anyway and you may as well have something nice in store for you and your family!

About Guests

Make sure you know if you’re going to have extra people and that you let the company you’re staying with know that you have a few extra people coming. Sometimes rooms have a certain amount of people that can stay in them legally for safety reasons, and so if you are trying to bring too many people they may make you get more rooms. The good news is that there are places that can accommodate a lot of people for a good price so just call around until you find something or at least find a few rooms close to one another.

Guests need to be on good behavior in a hotel room or anywhere near other people. Anywhere you stay will have fees that they can charge you if you break anything or you may get kicked out if you are too loud. Keep the partying to places that allow for it and make sure you always have a way to get back to where you’re staying. The cops in this area do not play around when it comes to driving drunk so don’t expect to get away with it!

Activities To Try!

Why stay in Lake Tahoe if you’re not going to have some fun? When staying at a hotel or rental of some kind, you need places to go because it can get boring just sitting around. One activity that you may want to try is skiing. If it’s not that time of the year but you still are in the mood for some kind of sport, then jet skis are also a fun thing to try out. Any time of the year in the area brings with it a lot of different ways to spend your time.

If you want to enjoy Lake Tahoe accommodations, it’s always best to know exactly what you’ll be staying before you head out that way. There are condos, homes, cabins, and all kinds of other places to stay. It’s safe to say that no matter where you’d enjoy being from at the casinos to being more in nature, you’ll be able to use what you learned here to find the perfect place!