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Tahoe Lyfe Real Estate

Many people who have visited Lake Tahoe for their first time have fond memories of swishing through the snow at a new favorite ski resort or spending a summer break nestled in the pines or at the lake. For the active, outdoor adventurer there is no better place to settle down or have a permanent vacation spot than Lake Tahoe.

Fortunately, there are all kinds of housing options to choose from including timeshares, condos, townhouses, single-family homes, and expansive mansions with million dollar views. Whether you want to reside near renowned hiking trails or close to the lake, you can’t go wrong when investing in a Lake Tahoe property since it’s all about location, location, location.

When searching for your ideal Lake Tahoe home, first dial in what part of Lake Tahoe you want to invest in. A lot of people steer towards Nevada to avoid paying income tax so places like Crystal Bay, Incline Village, Zephyr Cove, and South Lake Tahoe (casino side) offer all of the same outdoor amenities that California does.

However, the California side offers a lot in the way of land and lake access and you may be able to save some money in properties located in Truckee, Kings Beach, Tahoe City, Carnelian Bay, or along the West Shore. It all depends on what your recreational hobbies are and why you’re drawn to Tahoe in the first place…are you really into skiing? Then you may want to be close to Heavenly or Squaw Valley. Into gambling? Then you probably want to be on the Nevada side.

Or if you want to ride your beach cruiser regularly down to the lake, then consider posting up in the heart of Tahoe City, Kings Beach, or South Shore. Lake Tahoe’s hip neighbor- Truckee- also tends to be less expensive and it has a hip, thriving downtown and close access to Donner Lake.

In the last few years the Lake Tahoe real estate market has greatly fluctuated, but if you put some time and care into your home and maybe make a few upgrades here and there then your Tahoe home will have a good chance of increasing in value over the years.

A lot of homes tend to come on the market in the spring and there’s a lot of buying and selling that happens throughout the summer. As the temperatures start to drop when autumn comes around, then the housing inventory drops as well (and so do prices). Depending on what kind of winter Tahoe has, it may be challenging to purchase a house that is covered in snow (and go through all of the inspections) but it can also be an ideal time to buy.

It’s good to spend a solid amount of time studying the Tahoe real estate market, get pre-approved, and maybe put in some extra hours at the office to make your Tahoe dream home a reality.  To fully embrace the Tahoe Lyfe, you need to live here! Start shopping now…


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