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If you are looking for a perfect vacation destination, take a look at Lake Tahoe in Nevada. Lake Tahoe is the ideal whole year round vacation destination for all. It is an Alpine jewel settled in the tranquil Sierra Nevadas. Lake Tahoe is split down the middle by Nevada borders and California. This extremely exquisite display of natural beauty at Lake Tahoe travel boasts of almost 365 days of warm sunshine which is a must-visit.

Lake Tahoe Accommodations & Destinations


Regardless of your hobbies or interests, there are several choices for you to ensure you have a good time at Lake Tahoe. The place is a perfect vacation destination for couples, singles, families, or even solo travelers who are looking for tranquility, relaxation, fun, adventure, or nightlife. One can easily look for something to match their budgets and desires with several accommodation options ranging from full service 5-star luxury resorts, casinos, to economy or mid range hotels, inns, cabins, and more. The list of possibilities is just endless!

Lake Tahoe is home to many ski and snow boarding resorts, golf courses, and is the center of other various fun activities such as gaming, boating, skiing, hiking, kayaking, and more. They also have the Lake of the Sky which is the most in demand wedding and honeymoon destination for couples who want something unique for their nuptials. With all its grandeur and with so much to offer, Lake Tahoe is indeed a great getaway attraction for those in search for a fun-filled weekend or those who are in for a simple, quiet, and relaxing all-encompassing break from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

Lake Tahoe Geography & History

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Lake Tahoe is bordered by two states; it is strategically located in Northern California and Nevada with the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range in the middle. It is regarded as USA’s second deepest lake and is the third biggest alpine lake in the world. Lake Tahoe is conveniently situated approximately 3-4 hour drive from Mt. Shasta and San Francisco, and only half an hour drive from Reno, Nevada. Popular for its natural beauty and great landscapes, Tahoe also offers a rich history worth looking into.

Historically, many people are of the belief that the Lake Tahoe basin came about from a volcanic eruption. But, the valid theory is that Tahoe’s basin came about from faults in the crust of the Earth as a result of tectonic movements. The faults resulted from blocks of earth that move up and down. The blocks created the Carson Range to the East, and the Sierra Nevada Mountains on the West. The downward moving blocks made the Lake Tahoe Basin that is currently found nestled between two gigantic mountain ranges.

World-Class Resorts

As a result of the movements, a lot of world-class ski resorts came about in Tahoe that offer fun activities during the winter season. Out of the many world-class ski resorts; 7 of them are Lake Tahoe’s pride including the Sierra at Tahoe, Alpine Meadows, Kirkwood, and Heavenly Ski Resort, Mt. Rose, Northstar at Tahoe, and Squaw Valley USA. Heavenly offers a vast skiing haven with over 4,800 acres of skiing terrain that spans all over two states – Nevada and California.

Lake Tahoe Golf

Golf is a big thing in Tahoe, especially in the summer months and during early fall season. Especially notable as the leading American golf course and is known to host major golfing events is the Edgewood Tahoe. It is a top notch facility that is situated in the southern shores of the state line of Nevada. Many celebrities and well known personalities, have golfed around Edgewood golf course.

Hiking & Adventure

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Yet another popular activity in Lake Tahoe is hiking; since there are various trails around the lake which leads to the most scenic views one can never imagine possible. The nearest to the trails is the Emerald Bay Falls, it offers a very easy trail for both newbie and advanced hikers that lead to a breath taking view of the falls and the tricolored bay. On the east one will find the Spooner Lake. It has hiking trails that lead to the most panoramic views of the Sierras on the eastern side. Lastly, you have the Eagle Rock which is a dormant volcano situated on the west shore, and a few hike to the pinnacle leads to a stunning view of the pristine blue waters of Lake Tahoe.

The lake offers tons of adventure for both the young and the young at heart; you have parasailing, boating, wakeboarding, standup paddle boarding, and water skiing to name a few. There are many resorts and beaches nearby that offer fun and enjoyment for everyone.

When you travel around Lake Tahoe you will find a lot of small towns nearby where there are craft fairs which offers summer and springtime fun activities. You will find gift items, jewelry, modern artwork, and other assortments that will keep you interested. Casinos are also found on the southern and northern parts of Tahoe if you want some real ‘action.’ They all have 24-hour entertainment from table games, slot machines, nightclubs, and more promising a nightlife that’s jam packed with thrill and excitement.

This does not cover an all-inclusive list of the whole year round fun in Lake Tahoe, but is just a small glimpse of what to expect when you visit the place. Come, visit, and enjoy Lake Tahoe today!

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